Marie Knopf Augustin


Franz Knopf
Marie Francesca Bartok

Born: January 26, 1906
Brooklyn, NY

Lillian Pohle Culhane

Frank Knopf

First Spouse:
William Beiswenger
m. March 1926

Second Spouse:
Edwin Pohle

Third Spouse:
John Paul Curt Augustin
m. June 1945

Died: November 8, 1981
Coral Springs, FL

Burial: Fresh Pond Cemetery
Middle Village, Queens, NY

Historical Documents

“My grandmother, Marie Knopf Augustin, was my mentor. Im grateful for her presence in my life. She was a strong and intelligent working woman, who worked for the Workmen’s Benefit Fund, a mutual aid organization providing financial assistance to European immigrants to the United States. She was a humanitarian who supported FDR and his social programs. I admired her for that and she influenced me on my political beliefs. She was against the Vietnam War and was vocal about it. She accepted me (her “hippie” grandson) for who I was, not what she thought I should be. I have always had a deep respect for women, which was molded by listening to her and respecting what she made of her life in lieu of a male dominated society. I can honestly say without her in my life, I don’t think I would be here. The late 60s were a tumultuous time and at times confusing to a teenage street kid. She supported my opinions and made me feel like I was worth something. I think of her often and miss her presence in my life. She was a tough, loving, intelligent woman. ” – Rich Van Manen


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